About Haptics

Haptics Productions (est. 1993) is a state of the art full-service Digital content production company.

We produce high-end: Commercials, Presentations, Launches and Events for the corporate and media environments. With over 20 years’ experience, Haptics Productions can guide you through every aspect of the 3D. Digital, and Virtual Reality processes of your communication needs.

We combine technological wizardry with powerful communication skills, to successfully capture the attention and respect of today’s audiences. The balance of creativity, entertainment and new media ensures your message is remembered long after the presentation is over.

We are ‘Techno Marketing Innovators’ who develop authentic customized forms of communication for our clients. Our ideas are bold and innovative and deliver outstanding, award winning documented returns for our global clients. Haptics has been creating unique communication campaigns for major advertisers over two decades including:   commercials, experiential exhibitions and product launches.

Haptics Productions specializes in international award winning 3D Stereoscopic computer animation and 3D live action including Virtual Reality and 5D productions.

Haptics Productions is now producing 3D Digital content that immerse viewers into a world filled with images so vivid, audiences can’t help but respond positively. Global studies have proven conclusively that viewing in 3D results in deeper impressions, better retention of information and a more memorable experience. International manufacturers recognize the advantages of promoting their products with stereoscopic 3D and Virtual Reality. The incredible surge in popularity of these exciting mediums brings new attention to otherwise ordinary presentations.

Haptics maintains an excellent project management team with technical, creative and artistic strengths, supported by strong client relations. Don Searll, the creative director at Haptics Productions, has been a leading international authority on 3D communication production and technology since 1976.  Director Don Searll has several significant milestones to his name in the public and corporate arenas: “3D/5D and VR  technology has finally arrived”.

Haptics can act as a ( 3D swat team) module within a client’s production company, or as a consultant on the project during any one of its phases.

We provide responsibility to assure a successful technical solutions to the total production.