3D/5D & Virtual Reality Content creation which demands attention and delivers powerful messages.



5d experience

Highly successful 5D Experience for SAB where a 3D movie and 3D sound was combined with wind, snow, bubbles, vibrations and scent that accessed all 5 senses creating the ultimate experience


Holographic installations of Nelson Mandela (Madiba). Plus laser shows across Pietermaritzburg for the Madiba Marathon.



Haptics is in production of a 3D live action international Documentary film called “Danse Afrique Danse”.




Launched the West Africa Cable System (WACS) utilizing 3D projection in 2012.


H-0243_Netcare_Night-of-the-Stars_Awards-Evening_Stage_20120629-1141 (1)

Designed & produced a 40m wide 3D movie for the Netcare awards magically revealing 4 cars on-stage with lasers


_DON6437Directed a 3D HD wildlife series for Discovery Channel International




Haptics was commissioned  to design and produce the 3D movie for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, the movie was a combination of 3D animation and 3D live action. This was staged in 85 countries and was regarded as one of the most successful global promotions ever staged by Coca-Cola.



First S3D Stereoscopic Animation for NU METRO Cinemas, breaking with the release of AVATAR.



Produced & directed a 3D film for Miss World in 2008 & 2010.



Produced all the in-house video walls & graphics for all Strike Bowling bars in Australia


FIFA Title-1

Conceptualized, produced and directed a 3D film for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca Cola staged in 29 countries around the world


The 3D film “FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour,” was rated Best of Show Worldwide at the Stereoscopic Displays & Applications Conference (SD&A) in California.



FIFA Commissioned Haptics to direct & shoot the
world’s first 3D football World Cup in Germany 2006.



Haptics produced a leading edge 3D Virtual Reality
launch for Motorola



BMW 1 series launch. Haptics  created an authentic launch that crystallized the ‘One like no one’ theme. The production and presentation included a 3D stereoscopic film, 3D auto stereoscopic displays and art instillations, exceptional lighting design and music. Viewers shared a unique, pure immersive experience created especially for BMW.



Produced Sensomax  a 5D experience for Coca Cola Worldwide that was designed to evoke all 5 senses. A 3D (stereoscopic) movie was synchronized to the release of specific aromas, sound, touch and taste sensations within a dome environment. This was the ultimate marketing sensation, bringing half a million people to experience the Coca Cola sensatiion.



Launched the 7 star Saxon Hotel utilising the first water screen in the Southern Hemisphere with main speaker Nelson Mandela



magic ride

Conceptualized directed and produced the Coca Cola 360 degree 5D experience and the Magic Ride Sensation. Using all 5 senses


sprite 4

Directed long running computer animated commercials for Sprite


VR 1










‘Virtual Haptics Show’ at the Everard Read Contemporary Gallery in Rosebank.  This show incorporated Virtual Reality, Stereoscopic movies, Lasersgraphic sculptures, and advanced holographic art.The show attracted 10, 000 people in 7 days.



Don Searll directed and produced the Warner Bros 3D music video called ‘Killer’ for rock musician, SEAL. The hit single won two British Music Industry (BMI) gold medals at the 1992  – for Best Video of the year and Technical Excellence. It is now featured at the Museum of Rock Video in Piccadilly as one of the top ten music videos of that decade.



tung skull


CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) who then facilitated Don in building a holographic laboratory to produce holographic images up to 20” x 24” in size. This led to the making of the Hologram of the Taung Skull with Professor Tobias which was featured on the National Geographic cover in 1985.



Produced the highly successful Laserama laser shows in the planetarium, with Dr. Tom Geary. These splendid multimedia laser art shows ran for 3 years. This was followed by commercial laser multimedia presentations for “Battlestar Galactica” and the “Star Trek” launch which included the early moving holograms.

1976 he began delving into lasers and holograms and had an exhibition called, ‘Holy Holos Beams and Clocks’ at the Media and Change Symposium at Wits University, this sparked techno marketing interest